About Me

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David M. Jenkins

I  have a continuing interest and passion for planning/community development and see the need for a factual discussion of these complex and integrated issues.  Perhaps the status quo has not worked for our communities and new thinking and strategies are now needed more than ever.

So after reading and researching, this blog was started in late 2019 as an opportunity for me to learn (again) and contribute to the ongoing dialogue about our communities.

I am a former (or recovering!) planning/community development staff/professional, with half of my experience with for-profit engineering/planning firms, and the remaining half with public/ government planning/community development agencies at the local (town), regional and state levels.

This experience, coupled with a Master’s in City and Regional Planning and a Master’s of Business Administration (Management), provides me with a unique perspective I want to share and contribute as part of a factually based dialogue about growth, community/economic development and the related issues facing our communities.

My hope is for you to follow and provide your comments, ideas, and perspectives – thanks!


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