Podcast Update

Since my September 20 blog post, a third podcast episode – Town Council August/September Work Sessions and Business Meetings was uploaded on October 8.

Improvements included the following:

  • Switched platforms from Anchor to Buzzsprout
  • Recorded (Audacity) separate Intro and Outro, with royal free music Pixabay
  • After some research, dragged and dropped the Intro, Episode 3 audio and Intro into Audacity
  • After edited the combined recording, editing was done through Auphonic for audio post production
  • Then dropped into Buzzsprout for uploading and publishing

I read a nunber of podcast reviews reviews (Buzzsprout, Podbean, Libsyn and others). Buzzsprout seemed more intuitive and easy to use. Moving from Anchor was not hard, but as suggested didn’t move to Buzzsprout for a week.

Episode 3 was posted to my Facebook election page and is now listed on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Pocket Casts. So far 10 downloads.

So I will continue to learn and get better at podcsting.

I’m also thinking about starting Placesense as a podcast. I previously reached out to a former local news paper reporter to partner with him. That didn’t work out as he took a new job out of the area. Another potential partner (podcast producer) couldn’t commit the time.

So now that I’ve actually taken the podcat plunge (and risk), perhaps, I will move forward and start the Placessense Podcast!

Artwork options – what do you think?

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