Sprint to the Finish!

It’s April 25 – 9 days to the May 4 General Election!

What I’m Doing

Supporters wanted more signs to post, so I purchased additional ones, for a total of 21. All have been posted at strategic and visible locations for maximum exposure. I’ve keep track of their location and costs. I shorten the metal sign holders so they don’t get blown over by the wind. I also check the signs and if necessary reset them.

There was another Homeowners Association (HOA) Zoom candidate forum earlier this week. It was the same format, a five-minute introduction, but reversed, so I was the second candidate, after my opponent. I noticed all the candidates improved their introductions., except my opponent.

Q & A followed, but was different than the earlier candidate forum. First, the youngest candidate (not my opponent) attempted politicize the forum by demanding his opponent state his support to change the town police retirement program and support raises. Note, this is a non-partisan election. No party affiliation is asked when filing for election. The moderator shut down this attack and admonished him for not following directions. It was not a good moment for him!

This was needed. We have local, bread and butter issues – services, growth, and taxes. We need to work together to reach consensus for the health, welfare and safety of residents.

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

The other oddity was my opponent, after her five-minute introduction, never said another word, never added comments even when we all were asked to add our thoughts.

I attended Celebrate La Plata Day, Saturday, April 24. Note: no campaigning was allowed, but I attended with a name tag to be seen, talk to current Council members, Town staff and residents. I also talked to three other candidates (not my opponent, who was not there).

I was called earlier this week the Council member I seek to replace (she is retiring). She asked I review draft legislation on the April 26 Business Meeting agenda, the last meeting before the election. I returned her call, but expressed my hesitancy to provide comments. I am not elected and didn’t want to interfere. She understood this, but values my opinion, and was looking for an outside perspective. Her comments were consistent with my review.

Received a text from the Mayor, who is unopposed. She was going to organize a candidate forum, not knowing about the April 29 forum. I let her know and asked if there has been any feedback from the two earlier forums. Her response was positive about me and several other candidates and advised me to keep up what I am doing.

All candidates were notified about important dates for the winners after the election:

  • May 10 – swearing ceremony, Council organization – committee assignment, issue FOB key to Town Hall, issue iPads
  • May 13 – official photos
  • June conference dates to attend (virtual or in-person) Maryland Municipal League, non-profit, non- partisan support/ research organization for Maryland towns

Because I am superstitious and take nothing for granted, these dates are not on my calendar.

Last Push

  • Continue daily posts on my FB election page
  • Virtually attend last monthly Council business meeting (April 26) before the election
  • Respond to email inquires from residents/voters, within 24 hours
  • Prepare for the April 29 and final candidate forum – County NAACP – police and related issues will be top questions.
  • Plan my activities on election day; voting starts 7:00 AM (hope for good weather!), ending 8:00 PM; results should be known that night!
Photo by Sora Shimazaki on Pexels.com

So I am hopeful, but have accepted that win or lose, this has been learning experience and life moves on.

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